On October 18-19, the Uniglobal organized the „ANNUAL CENTRAL ASIAN MICROFINANCE FORUM“ in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. The Forum was attended by the representatives of the international organizations functioning in micro-financial sector, investors, also the representatives of commercial banks and microfinance organizations. The forum focused on the significant issues such as the rising interests of the commercial banks towards the micro financing, over-indebtedness related problems etc.

The above mentioned Forum is hold annually; it plays a significant role in development of micro-financial sector in the region. Organizations such as the European Reconstruction and Development Bank, responsAbility, GIZ, KfW Bank participated in the forum.

The “Georgian Micro-financial Organizations Development and Support Association” became the strategic partner of the Uniglobal. According to the Association’s request the Directorate of the Uniglobal offered 20% discount to all micro-finance organizations in Georgia wishing to attend the Forum.