The Code of Ethics aims at improving the protection of consumer rights. If you think your right as consumer’s have been violated by any member organization of the Association and the problem was not resolved after your addressed the organization, you can file a complaint. The rule of submitting the complaint to the Association’s Ethics and Social Impact Committee is defined below:

Extract from the Bylaws of the Ethics and Social Impact Committee:

5. Mechanism for submission and review of complaints

5.1 The Association will disseminate the information about submission of complaints by consumers on its web-site and through the printed materials;

5.2 Complaints should be submitted via electronic mail: or on the hotline 295 12 11 and addressed to the Ethics and Social Impact Committee (“Committee”)

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    5.3 Complaint will be deemed eligible if:

    The author of the complaint (“applicant”) is or was a consumer of the member of the Georgian Microfinance Association

    If applicant believes that the member of the Association (“Respondent”) deploys a policy, method or carries out a behavior which is in breach to the Code of Ethics or violates Applicant’s as consumer’s rights;

    If Applicant applied all reasonable measures to resolve the issue with the Respondent

    5.4 The complaint should clearly state the following information

    Applicant and contact details

    Respondent (member of the Association) action of which caused the complaint

    The clause of the Ethics Code which has been violated by policy, methods or actions of Respondent

    Brief problem description

    Measured undertaken by applicant to resolve the problem (offer, negotiation, complaint)

    Object of the complaint

    5.5 The receipt of all complaints should be acknowledged by the Association; screening of applications will be conducted by members of management and the Committee; results of the screening will be shared with Applicant;

    5.6 If eligibility of the complaint is established, Committee will review the facts highlighted in the application, solicit additional information from Applicant and Respondent and undertake judgment on compliance of the reported fact(s) with the norms of the Code of Ethics;

    5.7 Committee decision, which includes recommendations to Respondent, will be shared with Applicant;

    5.8 In case of non-fulfillment of Committee recommendations and repetitive breach of the Code of Ethics, Committee is empowered to seek for imposition of sanctions to Respondent; decision on imposition of sanctions is made by simple majority of the Board of the Association.