On June 23, the Georgia Microfinance Association held a meeting of microfinance institutions, the members of the association, with the Personal Data Protection Service on the topic: “The Importance of Personal Data Protection and Current Challenges”.
The discussion during the working meeting focused on the challenges of the private sector in handling personal data, the issues identified and the recommendations developed by the service. In addition, the new legislative act “On the protection of personal data” and the main issues related to it, which are important to note in order to ensure data processing as required by law, have been discussed.
The meeting was held interactively and brought together about 20 representatives from the microfinance sector. The event was chaired by the Head of the Private Sector Supervision Department of the Personal Data Protection Service – Archil Javelidze and the Senior Lawyer of the Private Sector Supervision Department – Nino Katamadze.
Microfinance institutions handle large amounts of personal data as part of their operations. Accordingly, awareness of data protection issues will significantly improve the level of protection of personal data and contribute to the development and implementation of a unified policy on their part.