From 26th to 28th of May 2010, In Astana – the capital city of Kazakhstan, there was held an annual conference of the European and Asian Microfinance Organizations.

The Conference was prepared by the Microfinance Centre from Warsaw and Kazakh government supported by numerous international finance organizations, funds and individual sponsors.

The topic of the conference was: “How the world economic crisis influences the microfinance system – risks and ways for progress”. The representatives of microfinance organizations, international financial institutions and investment funds shared their experience and knowledge with the co-participants during various seminars and plenary sessions. During the conference, everybody had an opportunity to establish new business relations and to make new contacts.

The delegates of Georgian microfinance organizations such as “Crystal”, “Credo”, “Lazika”, “Capital” and“Constanta” bank also participated in the conference. The event was preceded by the first Regional Summit of European and Asian Microfinance Organizations that was held from 24th to 25th of May. The Microfinance Centre (Warsaw) invited the executive director of the Association for Development and Support of Microfinance Organizations of Georgia. It gave us a brilliant opportunity to consult and enter into a partnership with more experienced leaders of other associations.

Our participation in the Conference was undoubtedly fruitful. Our Association has established important contacts and became a partner of the Microfinance Centre in Warsaw, which embraces the network of 110 microfinance organizations. It plays an active role in the development of the microfinance industry in Central Asia and Europe. Among the members of the Microfinance Centre there are banks, NGOs, social and commercial investors, as well as private and voluntary international organizations. The representatives of the Centre got a very positive impression about our Association and promised that we can count on their support. This and other business contacts will surely lead us to success.

Our Association established partnerships with many international companies. Among our partners there is e.g.“Business Finance Consulting” (with residence in Zurich). It offers consulting services, increases the efficiency of microfinance organizations and encourages the development of emerging markets. Another partner of ours is a Swiss investment company “Symbiotics”, whose mission is to serve the microfinance industry through investment intermediation services. The company provides innovative business services to investors and practitioners of micro- and small enterprise development. Thanks to the efforts made by “Symbiotics”, over 425 million dollars have been invested in Microfinance Institutions in different countries.