On May 29-30 the International Microfinance Center (MFC), with the support of the Association of Development and Support of Microfinance Organizations of Georgia, held its annual conference in Tbilisi, Georgia. MFC unites 105 MFOs, Banks, Investors and international organizations from around the globe.

MFC conference is held annually in various countries with the support of international financial corporations and leading international foundations. The 2012 conference was funded by EFCE, BlueOrchard, ResponsAbility, Incofin, Symbiotics, Triodos Investment Management, Triple Jump, Business & Finance Consulting and the number of other organizations. The conference hosted the representatives of 470 MFOs, banks, Investors, government and private sector.

The conference was held in Tbilisi and organized with the support of the Association and Bank Constanta. The conference hosted representatives from the microfinance sector and encouraged the participants to share their own experience in microfinance sector. Trends of the sector development were discussed and working sessions were organized. Upon our request, the session was devoted to the microfinance sector in Georgia, entitled “Microfinance sector in Georgia: its current conditions, opportunities and problems”.

The organization of such a conference is very important for Georgia since it will play a significant role in the development of microfinance sector and SME in the country. The conference participants had the opportunity to learn more about the leading organizations and share experience of experts working in the microfinance sector, the conference also provided opportunity for establishing useful business contacts with the representatives of international investment funds.

The director of Microfinance Organization Alliance Group and the Chairman of the Board of our Association, Mr Aieti Kukava was elected as the member of the Board of MFC Directors – the supreme body of the organization.