On October 31, the meeting regarding an internship program was held with students on the initiative of the National Bank of Georgia, the Ministry of Education of Georgia and Microfinance Association of Georgia. The meeting was held at the National Bank building, and it was attended by representatives of the National Bank and the Microfinance Association of Georgia. National Bank employees and Chairman of the Board of the Association – Mr. Archil Bakuradze introduced to the students the microfinance sector and its importance, Microfinance Association and the specifics of the internship.

The internship program is designed to provide internships for students from socially vulnerable families in Association member Microfinance Organizations and”Finca Bank” . Training will began on November 7 and continue for two months. It should also be noted that this is the second phase of the internship and the first one was held in the spring of 2014, which was assessed as successful as 46 students have undertaken an internship and 6 of these students were employed by the organization, where they completed an internship.